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Change! -Part 9-

-Part 9-


9th episode. I shot last two episodes (9 and 8) in the same day. I put the better tricks to episode nine, so last week was just normal stuff. Really good one's are here. So that's the topic, hardcore.

First one comes from the movie shade, but it's hardly recognisable. I changed the effect a little bit and now it fits better to my style. It definetly the hardest trick for a few weeks. I practised one whole week to this.

The best ideas come to me while travelling by train. I just wrote some ideas up for next episode. Suddenly I got the "is this idea really mine?" moment. I tried it and it was good. I liked it. So here it is. Second is definetly hardcore.

I talked a lot about the last change with my friends Niko and Lauri. It was probably even before i shot the 5th episode. The effect is awesome. It fools me and i know how i did it. It's really a HC trick.

Link for all the people with iPods
Change! -Part 9- (7,9meg)

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