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Change! -Part 8-

-Part 8-

Something nimble

It's getting really hard to get new ideas and find new changes constantly. I just sat on the train and listed changes for an hour. So i got 8 ideas and 6 of them ended up in the tape. So this time, some tricks under heading "Something nimble".

The first one is almost classic to me. I hardly never use it but it's a classic. It happens in the mid air, which makes it so cool. Handling isn't my best but it's ok. I didn't tape that many times. :)

Shooting when you're very tired does not pay off well. You get angry so easily. I tried quite a few times, the idea was good but it didn't work. At last i came up with on solution and took it. There must be better handling to this trick. But i could figure it out. Video two.

The third came up to my mind long time ago. I forgot it then. After forgetting it about ten times i wrote it down and did not forget it. I filmed it. It looks pretty good. It's a real close-up angle, actually so close that i can't even put the black stripes to this video. Enjoy.

Link for all the people with iPods
Change! -Part 8- (6,2meg)

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