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Change! -Part 7-

-Part 7-

Back to the old

I found the first change from the youTube's caverns. As you may guess, after filming 7 episodes i don't have that many changes left. This change was called Ego change, but i'm not that sure about the real name. There has been many names for this. Anyway this is my version of the trick, i cleaned little bit the original handling so it looks a bit cleaner now.

I was working in Multimagiga magic show with few of my friends. Tapio Kankaanpää showed me a control. The change is based on that move. For real i can't do it this well live, but now i got just lucky. Enjoy.

Back to the old. The name comes from the last change. I showed a change in part 1 called the shapeshifter. This is a version i thought in a subway few weeks ago. I think this looks much better that the original. It might even fool some people who do the original version. So this time the credits go back to home.

Link for all the iPod people:
Change! -Part 7- (5,5meg)

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