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Change! -Part 6-

-Part 6-

Tricks from the field

This time I used help from my friends to create some interesting changes. Unfortunatelly I can't credit the original and first creators of these tricks because I haven't done the research to find out who they are so please, if you know the names, let me know. So instead of crediting the people that created them I will credit the people who helped me out with the sixth episode. And so the first thanks goes to Niko Kauppila who taught me this first change. Change looks great and can and will be used live.

Number two. I talked about this with Lauri Koskinen at Kouvola's Magicdays 06. Lauri tested this trick before i did it so thanks to him for his advice. This change is one of our new ideas to card changes. I got the first idea to this trick while filming the part three. But now it's on the video, enjoy.

Last clip leads us again to Fism 06 congress. There was this spanish magician, called Mattheu Bicchu (this name is propably wrong so please correct me) who showed me one of his tricks, that led me to make this effect. Thanks also to Sami in Finland who gave me some valuable tips. I showed this trick to few of my friends, and NO this is not done by editing. For real this can be done.

Link for the all iPodders:
Change! -Part 6- (4,6meg)

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