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Change! -Part 5-

-Part 5-

Internet and 52 changes.

This time I decided to head to the internet and find a one change. First one is called Axis Color Change, bless and credit Parth Dalal. I looked trough some pages and reviews. Decided to try it and do it my way. I have a firm belief that Parth does it better and so that it can be used more than my version. The original video can be seen and purchased from Price is 11$ if i remember correctly.

The rest of this weeks changes are from my imagination. Well at least the routine is. Actually the techniques are widely known and not original. This trick might even be purchased somewhere, if not the same method at least the same effect. That's for sure. But it took me three or four hours to make this work, so i think i have a right to perform it without paying to anybody. The selling part is different thing. I wouldn't use this method to do perform it live. It's difficult and this can be done better and easier. For the first change, I borrowed some ideas from one packet trick i once purchased. And some ideas to deck change, i got from Kim Wist and Christian Engblom years ago, don't know where those ideas are originally from. So have fun, see you in next time.

A link to the file for iPodders:
Change! -Part 5- (8,4meg)

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