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Change! -Part 4-

-Part 4-

At home, at the cardtable.

This week starts with Lennart Greens change. Technique might be familiar to magicians who know some of Lennarts techniques. He does terrific visual tricks with awesome technique. Sadly my skills are not as good as Lennarts so the first trick doesn't look as good as i think it should. Sorry about that.

The middle one is much better. There's also a new element to my changes which makes it more interesting than others. There's a coin on a card that makes this trick even more impossible. The idea for this comes from So credits to him.

The last one is again on from Fism 06 congress. This fooled me and many other magicians so badly. This is the reason why we attended to Tim Starrs lecture. And it was worth it. I promise that this looks just amazing at live as it looks on the video. When i saw it, it blew my eyes off.

Link to the iPod file: Change! -Part 4- (5,8megs)

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