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Change! -Part 3-

-Part 3-

Jeff McBride

When i was young i bought lot's of magic stuff. Like props, videos and books. I had one idol too. That magician was Jeff McBride. I just loved his variety show with masks and card manipulations. I still love that show. So of course my first magic video was from Jeff McBride.

Every one of this weeks changes are from that video (Jeff McBride, art of card manipulation volume 1). The first one is called Wink change in it looks great when done in live. It's definetly worth of practice. It can be done more than once in a row too.

The second one is one of my favorites too. It's called Ed Marlo's Snap change. It's a really fast one. I use it very often when doing magic for my friends in a cafe. David Blane did that in one of his street special, if that means anything to you... :)

Third is Window Change. I did this for the camera so it doesn't look that much like window change but the idea is the same. Of course when you do tricks to the camera you want them to look better. So this is what it looks like. I haven't done this by editing, you can see the same that my webcam does.

Link to the iPod file: Change! -Part 3- (4,0meg)

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