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Change! -Part 2-

-Part 2-

Today is the poker day.

Fism 06 in Stockholm gave me lot's of new tricks and thought. The total amount of magic tricks performed there was insane. I had really great time. One of my favorite things there was Paul R. Wilson's gambling lectures and demos. You may all ready know him and his friend Jason England from the movie Shade and the "Take Down" tv-series. So if you haven't watched the Take Down. Do it now.

Basically every one of this weeks tricks are from Paul's lectures. First moves are card mocking moves taught at Fism 06. If you were cheating you would do these card's face down. But for demo purposes its the face up (otherwise you would think that i'm faking the moves). Last mock is with five cards. The more cards, more difficult. So when you begin practice with just one or two cards.

The last change is a version of really great trick by Eugene Burger. The one in my video uses the Paul Wilson's idea. So credits for him. Hope you like these. See you in next week.

Link to iPod version: Change! -Part 2- (5 megs)

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