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Change! -Part 10-

-Part 10-

Who makes all these?

Jea. This is the tenth part and that's a lot. It's time take a look to the past. There is 10 episodes and the trailer. That's 11,3minutes of video and 30 colorchanges. On the your ipod that's 63megs.

Let's start the first episode with a really visual effect. It looks like CG effect but that's not the case. No video effects for that one, honestly. Believe me, it's good stuff.

I hope you're not in a shock after seeing my face. Yea i have long hair and a beard, but currently my head is in "summer mode" and everything is short. Thanks to my friend Lauri Koskinen who gave me the idea to throw the card. I've had some problems with my widescreen cuts. I use so much space in the screen.

The last change is probably the most fastest. This has been shot at Turku in Lauri's apartment so thanks to him. Thanks also for helping out with the move. I credit also Henry Evans for inventing on terrific technigue. Oh yea, there's also a slow motion shot for you. Have fun.

So this episode ends my weekly published card change miniseries. I'll start my vacation now ;) Thanks for hanging on with me. Take care.

Link for all the people with iPods
Change! -Part 10- (6,7meg)

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