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Change! -Part 1-

-Part 1-

Everything comes in three's

First one is almost a classic, sadly i had never practiced it. So now i got a reason to do that. I found a tutorial for this from YouTube (of course, everything is there) where this is quite popular. Credits for Erdnase for this change.

Second. I was at Helsinki about three years ago in Joshua Jay's lecture and saw this. Shapeshifter looked great so i practiced it and have been doing it since.

This weeks third is the legend. This is probably the first change that anyone will do. With a little practice it looks really good. This one is filmed at the Helsinki railway station. This is actually a small variation of the original trick, not my idea tough. But i can't rebember who was the guy who showed me this...

Link to the iPod version of this video: Change! -Teaser- (4,4meg)

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