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Problems, case: Tangle

The tangling is quite normal thing and probably everyone has had the same problems. The biggest problem usually is that nobody bothers to explain why it happens. And in here we are helping each other and somehow i had time to prepare some hints & pictures for you. ;)

1. So here we have one basic wrap. Don't worry about which handed it is. Just note it as a wrap. When using power pulls, orbits or doing any other stuff with diabolo you'll have to keep the other hand slightly more front and the other little bit back.
2. To figure out which hand to keep more forward. Just do the wrap without any speed. Keep the string tight and look under the diabolo (picture). You'll have to keep the other stick more front so that the string doesn't cross. Like in the picture.
3. Here we have the wrong way. If your string goes like this when you get some speed, there's a risk that the diabolo tangles quite often. After a while you learn that you don't have to have big difference with the hands placement.

Other stuff: Like you might imagine, the more friction you have in the string the bigger the risk of tangling. With old strings it tangles pretty easily. Other strings are thinner so they won't tangle that easily.

-Marko, (18.2.2008)

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