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Tutorials for everyone

Wrap tutoriaalit.
We provide again free tutorials for everybody who are interested in diabolo. This time we have got a nice little package for you. Four short lessons about wraps. The best thing about them? They're in English. We start with very basics of wraps. By learning all this you will have much better understanding on wraps and how to use them with tricks.

Tutorials are in the form of a webpage:


-Marko, 16.9.2009

Problems, case: Tangle (by: Marko 18.2.08)
How to tie the string to diabolo handsticks? (by: Marko 30.8.07)
A Theory about the knots: - Basics -(by: Marko 11.10.07)
A Theory about the knots: -The Dead points 1- (by: Aaro & Marko 11.10.07)
A Theory about the knots: -The Dead points 2- (by: Aaro & Marko 16.12.07)
A Theory about the knots: -alternative ways- (by: Marko 26.12.07)

Change! -miniseries, 10episodes + treaser. (by: Marko, fall 07)

We have wrote many articles about juggling, but we are sorry to inform you that most of them are in Finnish. But we are slowly translating those to English, I'm not going to lie. It will take a long time to do that. Meanwhile if you have some questions about anything just ask them in our guestbook. Also thanks for Duncan about English corrections for knot theory articles.

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