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Rubberduck videos:

We are a little lazy with updating our videos to English part of our site. So if you can stand the fact that all the text is in Finnish, you can see all the videos from this link.

Trailer - Bolottaako?

Markos diabolo act [divx, 27mb]

If the video is not working, get a codec.

If the .mov videos don't work, you'll have to update your Quicktime player:

FDC 07, finnish diabolo convention videos:

Diabolothon -
Montage -
Openstage -
Aaro's show -
Marko's show -

1 diabolo videos:

> Elevator down(vertical speedloop) (by: Aaro)
> LegCombo (by: Marko)
> Example of our knot theory (by: Aaro)
> Infinite trick (by: Aaro)
> Another example of the knot theory (by: Marko)
> Geno (by: Aaro)
> Knot tricks (by: Aaro)

2 diabolo videos:

> Speedloops (by: Aaro)
> NoHands (by: Aaro)
> Doublesprinkler piruet (by: Aaro)
> Triplesprinkler with stick release (by: Aaro)
> SunCombo (by: Marko)
> Stalls with elevator to StopOvers (by: Aaro)
> Knotsnstuff (by: Aaro)
> Bounce (by: Aaro)
> Triplesprinkler with piruette while stickrelease (by: Aaro)
> Over the arms & hyperspeedleg to one handed leg combo to onehanded doublereversesprinkler(by: Aaro)
> Too long suncombo (by: Marko)
> Lena (by: Aaro)
> Over the leg and arms (by: Aaro)

Ball videos:

> 5balls & halfshower (by: Marko)
> 4b bounce (by: Marko)
> 4b bounce 2(by: Marko)
> 4b bounce 3(by: Marko)
> 5b 3up piruet (by: Marko)


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