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What is Circus Rubberduck?

Circus Rubberduck or as we call it, Sirkus Kumiankka, is a Finnish group of performers. We have been performing juggling, magic and firearts since 2000 together, but everyone of us have been doing Circus many years before Circus Rubberduck was founded.

Having noticed the rising demand for gigs at their hometown Lahti, Finland, three guys decided to come together and start doing gigs as a group which was quickly named Kumiankka, finnish for Rubberduck. As main goal Rubberduck has always had the idea to please audiences by own unique mixture of high level circus techniques, bachelorhumour and idontreallycarethatmuch -attitude. With people so devoted to perfect their circus skills it was not hard to keep the quality of shows high, and Rubberduck had already started to gather fame and respect amongst the circus and culturepeople of Lahti and surroundings.

A kick for even better status in Finlands circusworld was the good respond for their shows at Finnish National Circus Festivals and Finnish National Magic Days. Aaro Kontio has been awarded three times at the festivals, twice as the best performer of his category. Marko Akkanen has had thanks for his unique style at performing manipulation magic, enough to give him third position, twice.

As a group, Rubberducks best reward is the pleased crowds all around Finland and even in Russia, Sweden, France, Holland and Greece. To Russia Kontio was invited after his first victory at the Circus Festivals. Russian Flovers -circus festival awarded Kontio with honourbook and invitation to galashow. For now, Rubberduck is planning their first full night show together. The boys are ready to rock the frames of traditional circus and bring amazement and joy for all ages.

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