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Change! -miniseries teaser

Episodes: -click the name to see the episode-

Change! -Part 1-
Change! -Part 2-
Change! -Part 3-
Change! -Part 4-
Change! -Part 5-
Change! -Part 6-
Change! -Part 7-
Change! -Part 8-
Change! -Part 9-
Change! -Part 10-

Link to teaser's file for downloads:
Change! -Teaser- (4,6meg)

Change! is a miniseries published in website and youtube. There will be a new episode once a week. On Tuesday evening, Finnish time. And there will be more episodes just as long as i can find some new changes. Each episode has 3 changes and is about minute long. And i will also share a few words about the changes on this webpage. The 10th episode was the last one. New episodes may be aired if i find really good changes.

Videos are embed in your webpage from youtube so you'll need to have flash installed. You can also download the clips and those are in .m4v format to be used in iPods. If they won't work get Quicktime.

Videos can be found from Youtube.

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