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Cv - information about Aaro

Aaro Kontio, date of birth: 17 /10/84

Career Objective

Bring circus close to everyone, work in different places and cultures. Find a way to use circus as a connecting piece and language between peoples around the world.

Skills Profile

All-around circus skills obtained from a various circus schools and workshops, including acrobatics in air and ground, pair and solo. Specialized in juggling with diabolos, balls, rings and clubs

Education and Qualifications

2000 – 2003

Mukkula High School, Lahti, graduated spring 2003
2004 - 2006
Graduated from Lahti Futher Education School, Base Skills of Circus 2006
Grades (1-5):
Acrobatic 5
Juggling 5
Final exam(graduation number, solo) 5

Work Experience

Founded group called Puistosirkus (Park Circus) with Sami Sillanpää. Some street performances and other similar shows.
2000 - 2004
Founded group called Sirkus Kumiankka (Circus Rubberduck) with Marko Akkanen, Sami Sillanpää and Jouni Ihalainen. Many shows and performances and also a bit of visibility in newspapers and SubTV, national youth tv-channel. Performed as a juggler in full-lenght film called Rölli ja Metsänhenki (Rollo and the Woods Sprite 2001). During 2003-2004 worked at Sorin Sirkus, Tampere, as a instructor and artist, part of show called 220-Volttia performed for 2 months and also shown in Finnish TV2.
2005 - 2007
Founded Program Provider Circus Rubberduck Partnership with magician/juggler Marko Akkanen. About 150 shows around Finland and also all around Europe, including Greece, France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia and Slovenia. Performed in numerable tv-shows like Pikku-Kakkonen(TV2), Farmi(TV2), Buusteri(nelonen/4) in Finland and Frukost-tv(NRK 1) in Norway and in Russian TV1 with interview and small show. Since January 07 worked at Culture Center Kulta, Tromsø, Norway, as instructor and artist.
2007 - present
First professional circus production Bridge(2007) in association with Kulta and together with Tiina Laine. Performed in Tromsø, Svalbard and Festival Sul Filo Del Circo, Grugliasco, Italy 2008. In 2008 another professional project called 1moment in association with KultaProductions and funded by Norsk Kulturfund, performing with Tiina Laina and Camilla Karlsen. In 2009 1moment was invited to Markedet for Scenekunst i Sandefjord, a recruiting festival in Norway. Also during 2009 took part in Norske Talenter TV-show and got all the way to Final, with most public votes in his own Semi-Final. Furthermore during 2009 took part in and won the Finnish National Championships of diabolo.


1995 – 2006
Finnish National Youth Circus Festivals
531- the annual festival of new and experimental juggling, Helsinki, Finland
2002 (France) and 2005 (Slovenia)
EJC – Europe Juggling Convention, workshops with diabolo, balls, clubs, capoeira, trapeze and acrobatics.
Stagefight workshop by Kristoffer Jørgensen, Tromsø 2007
Acrobatics, anatomy and conditioning instruction workshop by Camilla Karlsen, Tromsø 2008
Wire and Stunt workshop, Tromsø, teachers Eric Chen and Joe Perez, 2008
Pyrotecnique course, Tromsø, 2008
Additional Information/ Hobbies and Interests

Driving Licence.
Hot work licence
Pyrotechnique licence
Fluent in Finnish and English, some Swedish and Norwegian, studied a bit of French.
Educated in IT during Circus School and High School.
Done Capoeira (Academia Bananeira, Mestre Siri) at Lahti for one year, occasionally still training.

List of formidable performances during 1997-2009:
- Finnish Youth Circus Association Camp/Festivals years 1997, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007
- Russian Flowers Circus Festivals, Viaborg, St. Petersbourg, Russia 2003
- Subörb -festivals, Stocholm, Sweden 2003
- Würth-gala, Lahti Sibelius House 2004
- World Skills, Helsinki 2004
- Kupla, Young Art, Circus Festivals, Tampere Finland 2004
- Lahti Day of Art, 2000-2005 (annual)
- Ministry of Education conference opening , Helsinki 2005
- Circus Zanzara, The Netherlands 2005
- Restaurant Fellmanni gala, Lahti 2006
- Cirkus Caliba, Finland 2006
- Circus Mignon, Germany 2006
- Graduation gala in Lahti City Theatre, Lahti 2006
- Kerava Circus Fair, Finland 2006
- Nordlys Festival- gala, Tromsø, Norway, Cultural House 2007
- Tokio-Mix, Tromsø Cultural House 2007
- Bridge, Tromsdalen Kulturhus 2007
- Closing ceremony for Merry Arena Circus Festival, Arkangelsk, Russia 2007
- Lånekassen, Riga-hotell, Tromsø 2007
- Mellom himmel og helvete, Gausdal, Norway 2007
- Svalsat, Tromsø, 2007
- Prinsessa, Tromsø kulturhus, 2007
- Re-Opening ceremony for Finlands oldest pedestrian road, Tammisaari, Finland 2008
- Love boat -party at Klubi, Tampere, Finland 2008
- Provinssirock, Seinajoki, Finland 2008
- Festival Sul Filo Del Circo, Grugliasco, Italy 2008
- Norske Talenter, three performances including Semi-final and Final 2009

Lots of performances for different company's, including UPM-Kymene, Peugeot, Mack, Battery, Nestle, Würth and Tulikivi.


Silver Circus Tent for show 'Rêglares' (2002)
Golden Circus Tent for show ''Machinga' (2003)
Diploma from the Russian Flowers -Festivals at Viaborg and a invitation to perform in gala-show at St. Petersbourg(2003).
Stipend and first place in category for 16-22 years at Kupla Young Art Festivals (2004).
Diploma for writing and directing performance "Wall" at Merry Arena Festival Arkangelsk, Russia (2007)
Finnish National Diabolochampion (2009)

Link to the Semi-Final of Norske Talenter 2009 here

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