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Piles of Duck-Pads Duck-Pads? What are those?

The Duck-Pads are silicone response pads for yo-yos. Duck-Pads come in several sizes and thicknesses. "Duck-Pads" is an ongoing project where we try to provide an alternative choice for players. There are countless manufacturers and pads in the world of yo-yoing. Our quest is not to be the biggest nor the best. Just to provide variety and freedom of choice for people.

Pads themselves are made from industrial silicone mat which is punched by hand. After punching we just add adhesive material so that they will stick in better. Made in Finland by Vikings.



kuva kumiankkashop
We have been around from 2002 as a small group of jugglers. Along the way people have been eager to know where we get the equipment we use. To make everything easier for our old & new friends we have decided to open a juggling shop. In the INTERNET!. So now we are also selling yo-yo's, diabolos. Well lets put it this way: "If it spins on the string, we are interested in it." We are slowly expanding sales in Finland & Northern Norway.

The brands we currently carry are:

YoyoFactory (yo-yo's & equipment, US)
Brazilian Yo-yo string (Strings, Mondo etc.)
YoyoJam (yo-yo's & equipment, US)
HSpin (yo-yo's, Switzerland)
Sundia (diabolo, Taiwan)
Qong-Qun (diabolos ,Taiwan)
Jürgen Kreiz (diabolo kits, Germany)
Save Deth (yo-yo dvd's, US)
Henry's (yo-yo's, Germany)
B.O.A.R. (yo-yo's Switzerland)
+ some of our own products, like Duck-Pads and Diabolo gear.

We are looking for and trying to contact other manufacturers, in order to expand our product range and to provide better customer service. Though, we must apologize that our web-shop is currently only in Finnish language. Reason for that is the lack of foreign customers.

If you want to show your support to us and buy our products just contact us, marko @ kumiankka dot com and we will help you with any problems our northern language may cause you. ;) We are currently working on English translation of the whole shop.

The "Kumiankka-Shop" (translation: Rubberduck-Shop) enter the shop at:

Kumiankka -shop

What is Circus Rubberduck?

Circus Rubberduck or as we call it, Sirkus Kumiankka, is a Finnish group of performers. We have been performing juggling, magic and firearts for a few years together now, but everyone of us have been doing Circus many years before Circus Rubberduck was founded... » Read More

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